Welcome to KSA Blake Bogenschutz

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Blake Bogenschutz, a recent Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio, is joining the KSA team in Tyler, Texas. Blake is an East Texas native from Carthage, Texas and is excited to be back close to home.

Blake decided on civil engineering because it is a profession that can change lives in a number of ways. From safety and welfare, to sustainability, civil engineering is a career that impacts people worldwide. Blake is excited to have a helping hand in improving the lives and structures around us.

During Blake’s college career he had two internships that exposed him to the civil engineering industry and let him fully grasp the different phases that go into an engineering project. Blake gained experience through a variety of projects that include a roadway widening project, land development projects, and sewer shed package projects. The experience that he gained was instrumental in his decision to pursue a civil engineering degree.

Blake’s senior design project at UTSA was a recreational facility located in San Antonio, Texas. The design consisted of a two story workout facility, various outdoor sports fields, and an outdoor bathroom facility. The primary concentrations on this project include developing detailed plans for grading, drainage, storm water pollution prevention, and utilities.

“As a native of Panola County, I have been personally involved in bringing Blake to KSA. I couldn’t be more excited that Blake has joined KSA, and I’m anxious to see Blake develop his career as an engineer-in-training and then ultimately as a licensed professional engineer with our firm,” said KSA’s President Mitch Fortner, P.E.

Welcome to KSA, Blake!

(Blake is pictured, 2nd from the left)